Creative playground for a positive future

Nice to meet you! We are Studio Duel, a leading ethical design agency from the Hague. We join forces with like-minded people to craft a fair, sustainable, healthy world for everybody. By merging your do-good mission with our creativity, we can spark a revolution. Let’s go on an impact journey!

Supercharging a better world through unlimited creativity!

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Creative rebels for a good cause

We’re well-rested know-it-alls not afraid to challenge the people we work with. We provide unasked strategic advice in the areas of sustainability, inclusivity, and creativity. We’re not stuck to limiting processes and never do the same thing twice. Count on us for the unforeseen.

We remain committed to our creative journey towards a better world. If your project doesn’t contribute to that, don’t call us.

Our rebels

Bas de Koning

Bas is co-founder, graphic designer and concept developer at Duel. His designs are not only eye candy, but also tell a clear and meaningful story.

Hederik van der Kolk

Hederik is co-founder, graphic designer and art director at Duel. He has a broad knowledge of sustainability and knows how to translate this into powerful visual designs.

Patricia de Koning

Patricia has been working as a graphic designer at Duel since 2021. She is a strong graphic designer who is also good at illustrating and animating.

Tom Munneke

Tom has been working as a graphic designer at Duel since 2018. His designs are playfully typographical, sometimes experimental and often impressively illustrative.

How we make impact


Who’s in control? Well, unfortunately we have to say that it’s mostly men… 1 in 5 top executives of the 500 largest companies in the

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Read our whitepaper: Guidelines for change.

Doing good is not enough do better!

our impact report

How we walk the talk

We believe that taking action yourself is the best way to inspire others. If we can do it, you can too. Together we can spark of a positive change.

Our projects in 2022

Lets work be awesome lunch have a drink be better together

Go on an impact journey with us!

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