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More room for female entrepreneurship


Who’s in control?
Well, unfortunately we have to say that it’s mostly men…

1 in 5 top executives of the 500 largest companies in the Netherlands is a woman. Women have been earning less than men for years. Female entrepreneurs are much less likely to make it in the business world. High time for change.

Code V’s mission is to increase entrepreneurial opportunities for women in the Netherlands. 60 leaders from the business community support the initiative to accelerate the fight for equality. In close collaboration with ABN AMRO, ING and RomInwest, we came up with a name and slogan, developed a logo, corporate identity and a website.

Today, Code-V will be presented to the press and stakeholders at the ABN AMRO headquarters.


Space for female entrepreneurship

With a powerful and dynamic logo we show the potential of female entrepreneurs. The letters differ in size with which we visualize what Code-V stands for; breaking boundaries and creating more space for female entrepreneurship.


“Research shows that women experience more and different barriers to entrepreneurship. Moreover, it appears that this gap is already visible when considering starting a business. This difference only increases with every further step in the entrepreneurial journey.”

– Chantal Korteweg, Director Inclusive Banking ABN AMRO Bank


What’s in a name?

We came up with the name Code-V. The ‘code’ guarantees the mission and the ‘V’ stands for female entrepreneurship, acceleration, innovation, expansion. By signing the code you confirm that your company is actively committed to equal opportunities and greater diversity.

“People are quite patronizing in asking how ‘your business’ is going. Generally not being taken seriously by male entrepreneurs and being approached as if you were cute.”

Sign the code on the website code-v.nl

Studio Duel, Code-V
Studio Duel, Code-V


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