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If you work in communication like us, then you’re probably aware of the huge impact your work can have. Communication literally shapes our world view – in positive and negative ways. It controls what you see, think, buy and do. That is why we at Studio Duel, together with our clients and partners, use communication for a higher purpose. And that purpose is a fair, sustainable and healthy planet where no one gets left behind. Actually, this has been our focus since day one. But in 2021, we finally put a ring on it. A ring with a B inside. Studio Duel is now a certified B Corporation (B Corp).

B Corp

Raise the bar. Lower the threshold.

Imagine a truly sustainable, diverse and inclusive society. We’re here for it, and since you’re reading about our B Corp certification, we guess you are too. The B Corp label challenges us to keep developing our creativity and strategic knowledge as a force for good in every possible way. Getting a grip on complex problems and topics helps us contribute to the SDG goals. And as a B Corp, we are well equipped to help you achieve your social and sustainable mission using creative visual stories and, as you will find out, surprisingly practical tips.

B Corp (short for ‘benefit corporation’) is an international certification for companies that use their services or products to create a better world. Companies can score up to 200 points on various criteria, from social diversity and inclusiveness to environmental impact. A score of at least 80 and a corresponding amendment of your articles of association, grants you the certificate. B Corps are re-assessed every 3 years. And of course, you’ll want to beat your own high score every time. Check out our latest B corp score here.

We’re proud to say that we’re in pretty good company: Patagonia, Tony Chocolonely, Auping, Triodos and WeTransfer preceded us as B Corps.



B Corp

Winning means beginning (with yourself)

If you worked with Studio Duel before, then you know sustainable thinking has been part of our blueprint from day one, back in 2003. More than 10 years ago, we decided to use the impact of our communication exclusively for the benefit of a sustainable, socially responsible world. Since then, we only work for brands and companies with a clear social vision. But we always hold ourselves responsible first. Our sustainable workplace is a reflection of this ‘man in the mirror’ motto. We’re proud to say it’s entirely climate neutral, furnished with sustainable and circular materials. In 2020 we covered 10,994 kilometers by bike and on foot, and together we surfed another 750 – our favorite way to recharge batteries. Every year we set new goals for ourselves. In 2022, it’s the challenge to diminish our plastic use by 10% less plastic by 2022, and we’re on the lookout for new ways of collaborating with socially responsible companies. For years we have been shaping our sustainable ways – and we are more than happy to share our inside tips with you.

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Guidelines for Change

We believe that the best way to inspire others, is to take action yourself. Because if we can do it, so can you. That’s why you can read all about our goals and what we do to achieve them in our Guidelines for Change.

In the guidelines, you’ll find case studies (aka meaningful matters) and practical examples of how we work towards a diverse and inclusive society. Taking steps in the right direction might be easier than you think, so we cheer you on to read up on our leg work – and run with it in any way you can.

B Corp
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