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creative warriors with a dream & great coffee


We’re a team of creative, inquisitive professionals with fighting spirit. Both hands-on and reflective, we turn our dreams into reality with a creative game plan – and a cup of coffee, of course! We keep each other on our toes and love translating complex (social) issues into creative, visual solutions. Duel is committed to and promotes diversity, equality and inclusion. Also in the selection of new employees. Oh, and surfing – that’s another thing that always gets us inspired.

Meet the team

Hederik van der Kolk
Hederik van der Kolk Owner & Art Director
Bas de Koning
Bas de Koning Owner & strategist
Gijs Hoeijmakers
Gijs Hoeijmakers Designer
Tom Munneke
Tom Munneke Junior designer
Fleur Kruithof
Fleur Kruithof Project manager
Hederik van der Kolk

Hederik is a passionated about ‘the letter’ with a sharp look at design. As an art director, he maintains the studio’s creative regime with passion and mercy.

Are you always busy with your work?
A lot, but not always. Life is not just about work. I make time to be with my family.

Bas de Koning

Bas is a concept thinker with a strong story. Armed with sensible ideas and a strategic visual concept, he turns spectators into active participants.

What makes your heart beat faster? I have always traveled a lot with my girlfriend and have seen a lot of the world. Now that we have children, we travel far less often. It seems fantastic to me, when the children are a little older, to show them all the beauty of the world.

Gijs Hoeijmakers

Gijs exchanged the south of the Netherlands for the west. Immediately after graduating from the art academy in Maastricht, he started at Duel as a graphic designer with unprecedented spatial insight.

The salty air and the combination between the beach and the city inspire day in and day out.

Tom Munneke

Tom is the youngest member of the team.
With a ton of fresh and original design experience, he reinforces the studio.

In his mostly typographic designs, he looks for a balanced combination of digital and traditional approach.

Fleur Kruithof

Fleur is a creative project manager with a strategic angle.
She gets energie from finding balance between creativity and organizing work processes.

Her love of the sea and positive vibe is an addition to the studio. .


Join the team

Are you busy working on your graphic design degree? And looking for a great international internship? Come to Scheveningen and join Studio Duel. You’ll get a monthly allowance, lots of responsibilities, delicious, healthy lunches, great coffee and us (look at those lovely faces) as your new colleagues.

Send your portfolio to Bas. He won’t laugh at you if you can’t say ‘Scheveningen’.

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