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Regional water authorities on course digitally with the Vaarkaart


Artificial Intelligence, quantum computers, Generation Z… Which digital trends impact clean and safe water in the Netherlands?

Together with the Dutch Water Authorities and the Waterschapshuis, we developed the ‘Vaarkaart’ (Nautical Chart). With the Vaarkaart as a conversation starter, regional water authorities stay on course digitally to ensure clean and safe water now and in the future.

Water Authorities ready for the future with the Vaarkaart

The Nostalgic Sea or the Gulf of Innovation

The Vaarkaart consists of two parts: a board game with ‘message in a bottle’ cards and a publication. Water authorities use the board game to initiate conversations about digital transformation. Using the ‘message in a bottle’ cards, water authorities determine their position in the digital transformation. Are you floating in the ‘Nostalgic Sea’ or steering towards the ‘Gulf of Innovation’?


AI, AI captain

New technological developments follow each other rapidly. Some fade away quietly and end up on the ‘Island of Sunken Concepts.’ Others are already indispensable in our daily lives. Artificial Intelligence (AI) poses risky challenges and simultaneously provides future-proof opportunities. To envision the future of water authorities, we asked for the help of AI. With Midjourney, we generated future scenarios of our life and work with water. This not only produced beautiful images but also revealed surprising new insights.

Water Authorities ready for the future with the Vaarkaart

Ready for the future

Over the past years, we’ve created quite a few conversation starters and discussion boards. The Vaarkaart is by far the most enjoyable and effective one we’ve worked on. We are confident that the Vaarkaart will assist water authorities in being prepared for the future. Full speed ahead from ’Standstill Sea’ to ‘Pioneer Island.’


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