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Celebrate freedom! New website for Vrijheidsmaaltijden The Hague


In the Netherlands, we can celebrate that we live in freedom. Wonderful, but in 2024, it’s still not a given. That’s why on May 5th, all across the Netherlands, we come together at the table to eat soup share stories and celebrate freedom together.

In collaboration with the team of Vrijheidsmaaltijden (freedom meals) The Hague, we’ve developed a website and campaign to celebrate the meals in The Hague in a grand way.

Celebrate freedom! New website for Vrijheidsmaaltijden The Hague

Iconic Soup Cans 

For several years now, the renowned artist Piet Parra has been designing the labels of the Vrijheidsmaaltijden Soup cans. These soup cans have become collector’s items available only around May 5th. These designs form the basis of the vibrant color scheme that we’ve expanded with new colors and a new font.

Abri Haagse Vrijheidsmaaltijden

Spotlight on celebrating freedom

Together with an enthusiastic team and a hefty dose of creativity, we’ve designed a new website that tells the story of Vrijheidsmaaltijden The Hague in a striking and contemporary manner. Visitors are invited to join the meals, discover Soup Stories, and organize a meal themselves. Additionally, we’ve developed a billboard campaign visible throughout the city.

Check out the website here.

Studio Duel graphic design web Vr
Studio Duel graphic design quote vrijheidsmaaltijden

Freedom means you’re allowed to think, say, and do what you want. That also means that other people are allowed to think, say, and do what they want.


Celebrate freedom! New website for Vrijheidsmaaltijden The Hague

Exhibition in the Atrium

In the City Hall (Atrium) of The Hague, the Soup Stories Exhibition will be on display until May 5th. Created to encourage people to talk and think about freedom. Eight residents of The Hague answered questions about the freedoms in their lives.

Expo atrium vrijheidsmaaltijden Studio Duel

Pull up a chair!

Sit next to your neighbor or fellow citizen. We’ll eat freedom soup and share stories, a tradition embraced by young and old. From Scheveningen to Schilderswijk, and everything in between. Will you join us?

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Haagse Vrijheidsmaaltijden | 2024

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