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Onboarding Nature: visual identity and campaign for unique project


We’ve always looked up to the pioneers of Patagonia, a brand that not only stands for adventure but also for a deeply rooted respect for our planet. When Yvon Chouinard announced last year that he would donate his company to ‘earth,’ our respect for this progressive brand only grew stronger.

It’s inspiring to see more and more companies taking responsibility and giving nature a central role in their business operations. We’re assisting B Lab, Nijenrode University, and the Earth Law Center with the concept and design of a groundbreaking project: ‘Onboarding Nature.’

Give nature a central role in your business operations

Nature in the board room

With ‘Onboarding Nature,’ we provide leading companies with practical tools and insights to give nature a seat at the negotiation table. We are at the forefront of this project. We assist with naming, developing the identity, and designing the website and toolkit. This month, we proudly launched ‘Onboarding Nature’ for the general public.


“The brief is to reimagine the way the world does business through a nature-positive lens, that’s an amazing brief, right?”

Anne Hopkins, Creative Director at Faith in Nature where Nature is on the Board of Directors

Give nature a central role in your business operations

Business as a force for good

We believe that this project will bring about a wave of positive change in boardrooms worldwide. More and more companies, like ours, are embracing the mission of ‘business as a force for good’. Join us and be part of a movement that is changing the world.

Give nature a central role in your business operations

Do you give nature a place in the boardroom?
Future proof companies like Patagonia, Blyde, Willicroft and Palais de Tokyo have preceded you.

For more information, visit the website here.


Onboarding Nature | 2023

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