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Silicon Valley Startup Pardigm makes the impossible possible


Measure the status of your health without visiting a doctor, laboratory or hospital. With the innovation of Pardigm you can measure your stress levels everywhere, instantly.


Pardigm’s technology turns your phone into high-end laboratory equipment. With a test strip and an advanced app you can immediately measure your cortisol level.

Stress is the health epidemic of the 21st century, according to the World Health Organization.

60% to 80% of all doctor visits are related to stress. Stress can result in headaches, fatigue, heart problems and depression, among other things. By taking control of your stress levels, you can improve your quality of life.

Health tech start-up Pardigm

American health tech world

Pardigm’s American target audience was a bit outside our comfort zone. That is why we started an investigation. This gave us insight into how to position the brand within the US health-tech world. We developed an identity with a positive, healthy image. With, among other things, brand videos, the website and social media, we have presented the start-up convincingly.

International team

The app is the foundation for Pardigm’s innovative technology. With a team of specialists around the world, we worked together on the brand identity and digital design. Especially the cooperation with the team of computer vision experts from the Ukraine has left a lasting impression.


“No needles, no labs, just results. Welcome to a new Pardigm. Join the waitlist today.”



Pardigm - 2022

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