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Dutch Water Authorities Blue Deal Corporate Identity


Dutch Water Authorities / Corporate Identity. The power of collaboration. The largest percentage of earth is covered in water. Unfortunately the distribution of water is out of balance, with too little in one place and too much in another. Dutch Water Authorities and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Infrastructure & Water Management joined forces to tackle global water issues in a collaboration called Blue Deal. We tackled the development of a strong and comprehensive visual identity for Blue Deal and consider it our small contribution to one of the Sustainable Development Goals.

Blue DealBleu Deal, Sufficient water
Blue Deal Watersafety
Dutch Water Authorities / Corporate Identity
Blue Deal, Studio duel
Spread, Blue Deal, studio duelBlue Deal, spread, Studio Duel
Dutch Water Authorities / Corporate Identity
Dutch Water Authorities / Corporate Identity
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Blue Deal - Dutch Water Authorities 2018

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