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Cool Up takes up a fight against climate change


“GHG emissions from cooling are estimated to double by 2050. The Cool Up Programme aims to achieve emissions reductions of 4,000 tCO2eq and reach over 10,000 people.”

The Cool Up program is led by Guidehouse. Together with nine international organizations they are tackling climate change. They accelerate the transition to sustainable cooling technologies in Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey. With more than 12,000 employees in 50 locations worldwide, Guidehouse is big at tackling complex energy and sustainability issues.


Guidehouse asked our studio to help develop an online platform. The demand for cooling buildings in the Middle East and the associated CO2 emissions is increasing. It is important that the Cool Up program starts quickly. That is why we have divided the process into two phases.

For the international launch of the program, our studio developed a website in which storytelling plays an important role. We want to inspire and activate visitors. Carefully selected images tell the story in which nature plays a role in the solution to the increasing demand for sustainable cooling.

Together with the developers of DPI we came up with innovative techniques to turn our design into a dynamic website. This is how the story came to life with scroll hijacking and lots of animations.

The second phase consists of developing the online knowledge platform. With this part of the website, Guidehouse wants to share the expertise of all stakeholders. On the website, visitors will find an event calendar, a news archive and a knowledge base.

The story of sustainable cooling

See it for yourself?


Cool Up Programme 2021 | 2022

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