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Their problem, but not their fault


“High quality education, work, an affordable house, a livable planet, their health and equal opportunities: all things that young people are uncertain about now and in the future.”

A hopeful future

For months we have worked hard together with the Council for Public Health & Society on ‘Young people and taking care of their tomorrow’. We have bundled the reflections of 14 advisory councils for a hopeful future for young people in a strikingly designed book. Hanke Bruins Slot received the bundle on behalf of the Dutch ministry.


Why is this book important?

More and more young people are finding it difficult to build up an independent life. Mental health, job opportunities, climate change, finding a home are bottlenecks that stand in their way of a hopeful future. This book inspires and makes you think. It calls for young people to be involved in policy and to make their voices heard.


The extraordinary illustrations of Tim Mulder

In addition to the fluorescent colors, the book is an eye catching because of the extraordinary illustrations of Tim Mulder. We were looking for a recently graduated illustrator that fits the target group and found Tim. With his characters with ‘globe heads’ and oversized feet, Tim knows how to represent complex themes like no other.

Another book?

Yes, this is the third book that we are producing together with the Council for Public Health & Society. We also made ‘Coronamoe(d)‘, about how to keep courage in times of Corona and ‘Faces of an uncertain existence‘, about 14 people who have been living in uncertainty for years. We are extremely grateful that we can contribute to books on such important social themes.

Are you interested in the book?

It is best to contact the Council for Public Health & Society by sending an email to: mail@raadrvs.nl


Jongeren en het zorgen voor hun morgen | 2022

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