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Healthy advice


We especially recommend clear graphic forms

The Council for Health and Society (RVS) is an independent advisory body for the government and both chambers. All aspects that affect the health and functioning of citizens in society, falls under their advice (program).  The advice is handed over to MPs several times a year. Preferably with a legible and beautifully formatted style with recognizable graphic elements. This way, The Council for Health and Society can position itself even better as a brand. Inside and outside the Chamber.

RVS huisstijl
Oog, Ampersand, raad RVS, Studio Duel
Quote, RVS, zorg, maatschappelijk, ontwerp, Studio Duel
Paul Blokhuis, Jet Bussemaker, RVS publicatie, verslag, Studio Duel
Ampersand, Raad RVS, publicatie, verslag, Studio Duel


Council for Health and Society / Program 2020-2024

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Council for Health and Society (RVS)

Advice program 2020-2024


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