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De impact of triple jump in the picture

Project Approach

Why an impact report?

Triple Jump invests in a responsible manner. We mainly wanted to show the social impact. You will find this in this publication.

How do you make a complex story clear and readable?

We have made a lot of infographics for this publication. The texts are written short and understandably. That makes it airy and legible.

What makes this publication special?

The financial sector is a conservative world. Unlike the design that is very contemporary.

You will find talented people all over the world, but not everyone gets the chance to develop that talent. Triple Jump is convinced that they can improve the lives of many with responsible social investments in developing countries. They work together with NGOs, development banks, governments and other investors, such as Oxfam Novib, ASN investment funds and Cordaid.


Together with the Triple Jump team we have developed a new impact report. With this publication Triple Jump shows the financial and social effect of their investments. We have expanded our corporate identity to visualize the impact. We have added a new style for infographics, icons, typography and use of color. The result is a contemporary report that gives a clear picture of the social and financial impact.


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