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Urban Farmers

Project Approach

How do we introduce The Hague to this unique concept?

By setting up a catchy campaign!


Super freshness from the sixth floor

With an area of 1900 square meters, Urban Farmers in The Hague was the largest urban farm in Europe. They grew vegetables and cultivate fish right here in the city, on the sixth floor of a former office building. These innovative city farmers asked us to increase their visibility and to show everyone how revolutionary their initiative is. We were instantly convinced by their concept and not long after everyone else was too. The “fresher than fresh” campaign went down well throughout The Hague and the surrounding area.

On the top two floors of the former office building De Schilde, vegetables and fish are growning. The building is on the edge of the center of The Hague and has been redesignated as “the Times Square of agriculture”.
A groundbreaking and sustainable initiative.

Urban Farmers, Vertical Farming, Studio Duel
Urban Farmers, Vertical Farming, Studio Duel
Urban Farmers, Vertical Farming, Studio DuelUrban Farmers, Vertical Farming, Studio Duel
Campagnebeeld, Urban Farmers, Studio Duel


Urban Farmers

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Urban Farmers

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