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ProDemos / Meester Burger*Ace Citizen


Citizens on a mission


Committed citizens are hugely valuable to Dutch society. ProDemos, the House for Democracy and the Rule of Law wants to award recognition to these positive-minded and pro-active people. Using our colourful national campaign, ProDemos made it their mission to find the Ace Citizen of the year. Our extensive social media campaign also inspired hundreds of thousands of potential Ace Citizens to do something worthwhile for a better society.

* Meester Burger is a quirky word play based on the word for mayor in Dutch (Burgemeester). Literal translation is “Master Citizen” but we think that sounds so formal and decided to go with “Ace”, because that’s what these people are.

Meesterburger prijs 2015, ProDemos, Studio duelMeesterburger prijs 2015, ProDemos, Studio duel
Making of meesterburger campagnebeeldMeesterburger prijs 2015, ProDemos, Studio duel
Aanpakker, Prodemos campagne
Drukwerk, Meesterburger campagne, prodemos
Winnaars, meesterburger campagne, Prodemos


ProDemos Meesterburger 2015

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